The Strawman is the Ego: the parasite cleanse begins at home

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Humanity needs a parasite cleanse, I think that’s not difficult to see at this point. It’s becoming more and more obvious that, no, it is NOT “human nature” to kill, steal, rape, destroy. Anyone with their eyes and heart open can see that some of us have in fact been infected by a kind of virus, a parasitic cancer of the soul, which is also contagious, and is spreading rapidly. And those of us who have contracted this sickness can be recognized by a cold blooded lack of compassion and basic humanity, a lack of true sense of humor or humility, and the tendency to put oneself and one’s greed first, with no concern for the effects of our actions on others, or on the planet. It sounds “corporate”, doesn’t it? We should probably be asking ourselves: Am I becoming like this?

In case you have never heard the…

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de Hewitt House of Radio w/ Mike Sledge

Spirit of The Aryan: Episode 1  Mike Sledge Is Back! William de Hewitt and Mike Sledge talk about Christinsanity, parasite JEWS and other problems they cause the White Aryan Race. Other topics include our new radio network we’re starting in the near future, Aryan Spirituality, South African and American Colonies, Trump and much, much more. Be here … Continue reading de Hewitt House of Radio w/ Mike Sledge

Liberties are not Given, they are Taken

I keep hearing my Folk say this or that is a threat to our "liberty." Liberty? Liberty is a slave term! Liberties are purchased from your CORPORATE slave masters! Why would I consent to a corporate jew slave master granting me "liberties" when they can take those "liberties" away when they want to? I reject … Continue reading Liberties are not Given, they are Taken

Hateful Anti-White Jewess Says All Whites are Racist

Hello Goyim, I'm jewess Gillian Schutte. "I am the person who exposed Judge Mabel Jansen’s racist utterances on social media. To be accurate, these utterances were openly and voluntarily expressed on my Facebook page in a public debate." "Gillian do you believe I am even propositioned by my black colleagues who tell me that they … Continue reading Hateful Anti-White Jewess Says All Whites are Racist