I keep hearing my Folk say this or that is a threat to our “liberty.”


Liberty is a slave term!

Liberties are purchased from your CORPORATE slave masters!

Why would I consent to a corporate jew slave master granting me “liberties” when they can take those “liberties” away when they want to? I reject their “liberties” such as a Drivers Licence and all of their other corporate “privileges.”

I AM telling these international corporate jews to shove their “liberties and privileges” up their jew asses!


I AM a free Aryan Man who rejects the merchant jew’s Maritime Admiralty Laws and corporate legalities.

I AM not their citizen slave.


I shall reap what I sow and live as a free White Aryan man.

And so should you!


Being an Aryan is Being Divine.


I shall defend my Aryan Divinity with my BLOOD.


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