Spirit of The Aryan: Episode 1

 Mike Sledge Is Back!

William de Hewitt and Mike Sledge talk about Christinsanity, parasite JEWS and other problems they cause the White Aryan Race. Other topics include our new radio network we’re starting in the near future, Aryan Spirituality, South African and American Colonies, Trump and much, much more. Be here or be nowhere!


Godsmack “I Fucking Hate You”



2 thoughts on “de Hewitt House of Radio w/ Mike Sledge

    1. Thanks, Renata 🙂 I’m pleased that Sledge and I were able to inform you. Mike Sledge is a man who tells it like it is. He was a mentor of mine early on in my learning process, he taught me things that blew my mind. I’ve always been one to fact check. You know what? Sledge has been accurate on 99.999999% of everything that has come out of his mouth while on the air. I am privileged to be able to call him my close friend.


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